MATTER Editorial // Emiel Gerardu // Amsterdam City




Inspired by the precision of the classic technique, blended with modern minimalism, Emiel Gerardu loves to find a story in every object, and aspect of life. He works as a Head Retail Manager at a sustainable water & cosmetic company in Amsterdam City, where he gets to interact with a various stories of diverse individuals everyday.

He loves Denims, because of its complex production process and easy nature of use, and runs a popular denim/bicycle club called ‘The Denim Run’, that rides to various spaces across Holland and beyond, simply for the love of creating a community of inspired, nature loving individuals who share passions and thus touch lives with creative journeys, personal experiences and sharing a memory.




His favorite spot on the globe is Cape Town, since he does not have to choose between its grounded mountains, and the wild sea, he loves journalizing stories of its locals for pleasure. He prefers to live with a local AirBnb to a hotel. Emiel’s evening was documented in his apartment in Amsterdam.


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