Andrea Salvia // South Italy


Andrea is a 32 year old Italian chef and has been making authentic pizzas since last 14 years in various destinations around the world. He states that his passion for food and great money has got him to live in some of the best spots in Spain, Germany, Portugal, Luxemburg, Brazil, and Holland.

Travellers come from various parts of the world, and thus food becomes an important part of their journey. Food is important, almost an itinerary check list. I’ve grown in South Italy where Pizza is a staple, an everyday way of life, and when I expand it to travellers across the world, and if they relish it with a smile, it’s a very rewarding feeling. It’s like sharing my roots, and my childhood, and since it’s such a beautiful memory for me, I want to share it with different people in various spots.

Andrea’s dream destination?
Thailand, I love the idea of beaches, surrounded with temples and museums all over the country.

Andrea’s favourite food?
Raw fish.

Favourite color?

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