ORIGINS Anthropology was ideated by internationally published and exhibited photojournalist Mukul Bhatia, who won the MATTER’s art fund the same year, to support this anthropological work. Bhatia graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Delhi University, and further studied Photo Journalism and Visual Studies at the Mass Communication Research Centre at the Jamia Milia Islamia. His practice is centred around human identity, and focused on celebrating, exposing and providing alternative narratives aside from mainstream ideas about spaces, personalities, social conflicts and subgroups within society. His oeuvre includes works based on Transsexual communities living in Pune, an intimate essay around war orphans of Kashmir, and most recently has been focused on researching and exploring the circumstances and livelihoods of the contemporary Hmong community across South East Asia.

His debut shows Phases-Faces was commissioned by Ministry of Broadcast & Information, and addressed issues regarding Substance Abuse, Mental Health, and Imaginative perceptions. It was showcased in prominent spaces like India International Centre, M.F Hussain Gallery, New Delhi, and a month long show at India International Trade Fair, New Delhi.
He lives a nomadic life of creating stories around the globe since 2012.