Gabriel Superpoze // Paris

Mukul Bhatia: So what’s your story?
Superpoze: Well, am a 24 year old French boy, I was born in a small town in the north of France and I studied classic percussions in the academy when I was a little child. I took the road of electronic music very early at the age of 19, so it’s been 5 years right now. I started to tour a lot in France, all my shows were in France in the beginning and I did some EPs. I released my first real album, called ‘Opening’ in early 2015 and thus I started to do music tours outside of Europe, a bit of America, but mostly Europe and UK, and this is my first time in India and I just finished my second album which is going to be out next year. Am so happy to be here and a lot of things happening.

Mukul: Do you consider yourself a nomad?
Superpoze: Yes, with my music career so far, totally! I have a song in my first album called ‘Home Is Where I Am’ and the title is really what I started to feel as I started to tour across places and palaces. I definitely think that my home is just where I am, coz when I was 10 years old, my family just split up and I started to move from houses to houses and my home became just my laptop and piano, so I think yeah, am definitely a nomad.

Mukul:   A lot of your tracks and EP albums are named after cities, countries and cultures, just like your ‘The Iceland Sound’ EP. Do you think there is a co-relation with travel and the music you make?
Superpoze:   Yes, for sure. One clear example that I can talk about is that when I did my first trip to other countries in Asia – I went to Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan and China and I was just starting my album, few days before the trip. And I was like ‘Oh I don’t know what kind of music do I really want to make right now, its my first album so I need to do something great, etc.’, you know, those kind of anticipative, messy thoughts. So I took my plane and went to Asia, and that was the most amazing, inspiring trip I had.


Mukul: What country or space stood out to be most inspiring for you?
Superpoze: Japan, any day!

Mukul: Oh yea, I’ve noticed a lot of influence of Japanese sounds and words, in your music, right
Superpoze: Yea yea, totally. Its not really the Japanese background, but the way I see the softness, and the shyness to Japanese culture. I am one hundred percent French, you know, and I think Japan is probably the only place on earth where you can’t find any trace of colonialism or any other European culture, its just totally different. You can feel it in America, or even Africa. But in Japan, its totally new, so you’re like a baby, you re-learn things like social relationships, politeness, its another world! So I was really sensitive to this approach of art and life in general so yeah, my trip to Japan definitely shaped my sounds.

Mukul: What’s your favourite childhood memory?
Superpoze: Oh I know it. When I was a little kid, I had a piano at home, and I used to learn it myself at my own house. And as we moved places, I missed my piano more and more. When I was 14, my mother finally decided to do everything to bring back the piano – it was the same piano on which I learnt the music, so this piano came back and I was like ‘Woah, it walked back to me!’ It was like finding back your love, and at this moment I decided to do something with music, all my life.

Mukul: Whoa, it’s a beautiful story.
Superpoze: (Laughs) Oh yes, it’s a bit like a love story, you know. But am really French and am super romantic so this is my approach.

Mukul: Right, so what’s your favorite food?
Superpoze: Oh I am a big eater so that’s an impossible question. I love everything so it’s hard to say. But my favorite food in Japan is Yakitori!

Mukul Bhatia: Is there any idea or concept that you wish to see more in the world we live in?
Superpoze: Yes, ofcourse. I think that there’s a lot of entertaining music out there, and I love that people enjoy it but I really wish people listened to a bit more conscious music that is not only just entertainment but can also bring you a lot of soul and to be aware of how the world is going right now, because its really uncertain times. So, through the music we need to not just be entertainers but give ideas – which is I want to create space with my music, for example like using reverb, you know, so there is this moment of thinking, does it make sense?

Mukul: It totally makes sense, and I completely relate! Thanks for answers, and the music, I have some really good memories attached with your sounds and it’s truly phenomenal.
Superpoze: (Laughs) Thank you, that’s very kind, it was great talking to you, and I totally love India, and being here in this time, truly great. Thank you!



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