Nomadism (nō-ˈma-dism) is a rootless, non-domestic and roving lifestyle of wandering about in search of quintessential priorities.


Just like migratory birds, the idea of non-static existence; exists since beginning of evolution and gave birth to all major civilizations across the world; promoting an amalgamation and exchange of ideas, skills and knowledge.
With current information boom, overlapping with global crisis, contemporary world is offered newer challenges and newer tools of information. The comfortable idea of Sedentism, which has been practiced for thousands of years, is challenged again. Never before have there been global wanderers across the world than today, and thus the primary source of intellectual evolution – travelling is reinstated. No longer does a tribe or culture defines the human movement, but individualism, and growth.

In May 2014, MATTER Prints Singapore, commissioned its long withstanding collaborator, photojournalist Mukul Bhatia, and commissioned him to travel across unexpected spaces around the globe to analyze, question and find the recurring motif of purpose that motivates modern man away from motherland to find meaning and purpose.

ORIGINS was thus born as a constantly evolving visual anthropologic documentation of this new breed of diverse, individualistic Modern Nomads. The journalist travelled to over 137 cities in over 24 countries so far, and is still on the move to document intimate yet diverse stories of present day nomads in diverse spaces. It marks a moment in history which is slowly recreating a newer, better world.

The result of this meticulous, global research will create the content for the upcoming book and travelling exhibitions.