Kadri Vahe // Tallinn, Estonia


Born and brought up in Tallinn, 37 year old Kadri is a global traveller and a vintage soul who loves the idea of bygone romance, and loves to embrace nature filled destinations around the globe. Kadri and her sister spent most of her childhood summers at the countryside, in the farmhouse deep in the forest; picked berries and mushrooms, ran around bare feet, rode bicycles. That particular visual memory of nostalgia, became the ideal landscape, for the rest of her life.

Her usual travelling involves living in a country for over a span of time , and become a local to that place. She has travelled or lived in most of Europe, numerous times in India, North Africa and Central America. After graduating from Tallinn University; she worked in various fields including advertising, design and event management, and with series of interesting co-incidences, became one of the key managers at Ziro Festival of Music, in the quaint valley of North-east India.

The one believe that shaped because of travel:
I’ve come to believe that everything happens for a reason. People you meet and the ideas you truly believe in,  form a beautiful story that’s interconnected for future series of events that surprises us with awe and beauty.


Favourite food?
Grandma’s minced meat sauce with boiled potatoes and pickled cucumber. When in Ziro, I love Silk Worms.

Favourite thing to do?
Currently, Kayaking. It’s my excuse to really escape into Nature and simply absorb exclusivities of nature.

If you could get a one way ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I would stay here in Estonia. I love traveling but there is no place like being in my little tailored home with my furry cat Aleksander.


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