Livio Carrieri // Bogota, Columbia

Livio chanting on the ports of his hometown in Monopoli, South Italy. Photographed by Mukul Bhatia.
Livio chanting on the ports of his hometown in Monopoli, South Italy. Photographed by Mukul Bhatia.

Livio grew up in the port town of Monopoli, Italy and then moved to Belgium. Raised by single mother, Livio found integral life lessons while travelling alone, across entire Asia, Europe and Australia, and with a series of rare coincidences, life pushed him to discover South America where as he describes, he found an ‘immediate urge to start a new life‘. In Colombia, Livio met Hare Krishna’s devotees, and the continuous interaction with them began a sense of curiosity to find a bigger meaning in life. With life changes and incidents that nomadism provided him, Livio ended up moving permanently from Europe to Bogota for the rest of his life. He is currently working on building an integral ecological conservatory in Columbia and is married to a Columbian wife.

Why Colombia?
There is this unexplainable deep connection with Colombia that one can know only if they’ve been here. The entire country has this sense of home and belonging, which I’ve never felt in Europe or in all my travels to Asia, and Australia. Besides being the most welcoming people on the planet, Colombia is the home of few of the purest native people – like the Arhuacos, Koguis, Wiwa etc; and there are way too many life lessons to learn from them. 

Why and how must one travel?
Travel is essential; there is no running away. But to most, I’d say, to find spots around the globe to volunteer. It’d get them a chance to interact with the local space and people like no other way. Give your full energy, to receive the same. Spend time in nature; learn new things, meditate upon your life goal, and truly FIND IT! Don’t return back home until you’ve found it. It’s a very small life to not know what your purpose is here.

What do you truly believe in?
To be harmless, and give our best self to everyone and everything. To strive in becoming an extraordinary example as a citizen and a human being. To improve and conserve every spot we travel to and leave a positive stamp to our path until the end, so it becomes an example for others to protect mother earth the same way.

Favourite food?
Cime Di Rapa and Orecchiette Pasta.

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