Louis Couke // Brussels


Mukul Bhatia: So tell me about you!
Louis Couke: Am 28, Am from Belgium, I work for an international cloths label for 3 years, and working in India for the same since last one and a half years.

Mukul: And how do you find it?
Louis: Aah its crazy, I love it! Its an amazing experience, an amazing country and you get to travel quite a lot. It’s great growth from both personal and professional perspective, I love it!

Mukul: And what’s your life’s story so far?
Louis: Quite interesting question, haha. Amm, I’ve been born and raised in Brussels, Belgium and since am 18 I’ve been travelling or living most of my time out of Belgium, mostly in Europe, here and there. And then I had opportunity to go to India while I had no idea about the country so I said, lets do it! I love photography, and a real passion that has been developing and its growing here being in India.

Mukul: What’s your favourite ice-cream?
Louis: Stracciatella!

Mukul: What is beauty for you?
Louis: I think beauty is what you want to see with your eyes. Something that you relate to, support or feel happy to see is just beautiful!

Mukul: What’s your favourite colour?
Louis: I would say Blue, boring but its blue!

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