Lulu Leonard // Tulum, Mexico


Mukul: What is your story?
Lulu: My story? Well, I was living in Los Angeles, I lived there for 7 years, and I saw everything, and I wanted a change. A friend of mine had been travelling to India and he met this woman. I had a boutique hotel that time in Mexico and she took him to a small mine village called tulun, basically a paradise. He is an architect and when we were there, he had this vision to open a restaurant in a jungle and so he came back with all the pictures and convinced 5 of us to go on a road trip down to Mexico and basically everyone bailed, and I was like ‘fuck that we are going’. Neither one of us spoke Spanish so we drove from Los Angeles to Tulun, it took us 3 weeks on the way we stopped, had amazing adventures in a vintage Mercedes Wagon – we called it The Yellow Mushroom. Anyways, when we got there, I instantly fell in love with that place. But I still had obligations at work, so later that year he asked me to partner him in this hospitality project so I ended up in Mexico, and for about 5 years, I helped to create that space – the ambience, interiors, lighting and different things, last year I started my own store called – ‘Calo’

Mukul: What does it mean?
Lulu: Calo is the secret language of gypsy. It is kind of a visual representation of our lives; since we like to travel, and are very inspired by ancient cultures, crafts. I tried to incorporate that philosophy into what I do. Next year I will be going to Bolivia, Guatemala and Peru and working with artisans there. And along the way, we will be taking photos and enjoying, going to remote villages, wherever it takes us, palaces – music festivals like right now! So, super excited about everything new that follows.

Mukul: How did this happen?
Lulu: Magnetic fields? I was just working here in Jaipur, in jewelry and textiles and some close friends of mine told me about this.

Mukul: Do you come to India every year?
Lulu: Yea! I come here for 3 months, every year in Jaipur.

Mukul: What’s the one thing that is important for you?
Lulu: The most important thing is to live your life in gratitude, either you are living in gratitude or in a void of something missing in your life. So if you are constantly grateful for the experiences you have, you will continue to receive, again and again. You just need to be grateful and keep giving love.

Mukul: What do you stand for?
Lulu: LOVE baby, love!

Mukul: What next?
Lulu: Well, next? I am going back to Mexico so I can disco my face off. This festival is just my training wheels off to Mexico.

Mukul: What is your favourite food?
Lulu: Too hard, I love food so much. Okay, It’s Israeli food. It’s the best.

Mukul: Do you believe in ‘Magic’?
Lulu: YES

Mukul: What is magic to you?
Lulu: Well, magic is something that you can weld. Magic is something that is real and if you believe in it; then you can make anything happen. And it’s actually good to work with the moon as well, so I worship the moon and I see magic.

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