Maeno Setsu // Nagoya, Japan

Photographed In New Delhi by Mukul Bhatia, 2016.

Maeno is a 54-year-old Japanese textile artist who is prominently known to be the founder of a special technique of creating dramatic landscapes using the Kimekomi technique; which uses minuscule pieces of traditional textiles, and rearranging them to form a visual artwork. Her theme of pictures is old Japanese towns, and has been doing it since last 30 years, for which she travels all over Japan collecting the Kimonos and creating landscapes from various cities.

“I fell in love with Japanese Kimonos, its tradition, the meticulous craft, story and relevance to Japanese history, and thus with Kimekoni technique I wanted to travel and create landscapes of those cities and create an all new meaning to the visual culture”

What gets you to India?
I was invited by the Indian government to exhibit my works in New Delhi, and thus am taking the opportunity to see a whole new country which is somewhat like Japan, yet entirely different. Saree, just like Kimonos make part of the Indian heritage, and thus for my next work, am travelling to Agra and will be incorporating Saree in the process of creating a landscape collage of Taj Mahal.

Whats your big dream?
I wish to travel to different countries around the world, with diverse cultures and use their indigenous fabrics and make artworks from it all. If I could go anywhere tomorrow, I’d be in Italy and make a lot of work and learn how to make Italian food.




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