Marilo Chaves Aeneas // Granada, Spain


Marilo is a Gitano gypsy from Spain and is travelling slowly to new spaces since the last 10 years, and hopes to cover the entire globe in her lifetime. Her journey has enabled her to live in most major cities in Europe, South America, and all around Asia. Marilo supports herself by creating hemp jewelry, and by doing various jobs in the cities she travels to. She loves children and gives art workshops to them and elderly for free. She considers it as an opportunity to return back to a country and interact with it in a balanced way.

One thing you totally believe in?
Life after death. 

Biggest fear:
Am very scared of being stuck in one place, where am unable to grow my thoughts or my self. I want to learn and grow constantly, all my life and not live in one place for too long. It’s like self imposed paralysis.

One message to the world?
“Enjoy this Sharing.”

Craziest encounter while on the road?
Surviving Mexican Paramilitary, from very very close, when I was visiting the indigenous tribes there. It bought me a whole new meaning of life, and respect for every moment. While most of us take every day for granted, there are races across the world for whom every breath is like an opportunity. It made me want to live NOW.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
I’ll still be travelling, but to more natural, organic spots and spend more time in one place.

Favourite music?
Flamenco and Arabic.

Favourite food?
Fresh salad, with olive oil.

What would you want to be in your next life?
I’d want a Gitano gypsy’s life again, so I keep travelling, over and over again.



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