MATTER Editorial // Marie Dls // Paris


Marie is a Parisian who lived in Sydney and studied Contemporary art education. A silent observer, Marie loves coffee beyond measures and it plays a vital role in her travel itineraries. She does coffee travelling across the world to Vietnam, Turkey, Australia, Vienna and of course in her own city, Paris.


Cafes inspire me as I spend hours every morning in new territories to observe locals run with their mundane morning routines, while I am the outsider, the spectator. This moves me to create wonderfully unique travel postcards based on the recent muse I discover a particular morning, or an idea I see. This is my most favourite bit of travelling.While in French countryside hearing the usual old men discussing the news at the bar, the early surfers coming back from the ocean in Sydney, the Vietnamese doing TaiChi early morning, while sipping on Vietnamese coffee, the old very elegant men reading their newspapers in Turkey, the luscious Italian espresso near the forum in Rome, the ocean view in Cape Town, I’ve covered it all and made a little collection of my travel scribbles.

LesRueDeParis_matterXmukul_Lookbook_MukulBhatia014 copy

Marie loves read and imagine about a city much before she steps her foot in it, and discover for herself how close it matched her imaginative perception of that space. Aesthetics define her choice of travel, and her dream travel is Mongolia.



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