Nany, c // São Paulo

Nany C / Mukul Bhatia / Nomadic Origins / Matter Prints


Nany first came to Paris 18 months ago from Sao Paulo to study The Louvre Museum for her school project. She considers various universal signals as the signs from the universe of something grand that was meant to happen in her life. She loved the Parisian youth, the voice, and the rebellion of romance in the city, that made her buy a guitar and ended up extending her visa.

For Nany; coming alone to Paris and being away from the first time gave her ‘this incomprehensible sense of liberty and essence’, something she was unfamiliar with in São Paulo. ‘I considers my life to be just like my favorite genre of music; heavy metal rock. There have been dramatic ups and downs, but mostly leading to a pristine up. I know I’ll be the voice of subways, and Parisian streets very soon. This is my biggest dream.’

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