ORIGINS Editorial // Kaveri Acharya // Bombay


Kaveri Acharya is a 26 year old romantic with a flair for the dramatic. She’s drawn to anything that is fabulous and with a gorgeous story. She states that “ a good story and innate fabulousness is the most precious gift that can’t be bought but can be shared – It’s electric and contagious and totally delicious. I’ve decided I’m going to have a rip-roaring time along the way and make sure I’m always in love. I’m like a sunflower, with love being my source of light and nourishment.”

What do you do?
Broadly speaking, I work in the art world. The tectonic plates of the ‘what-do-you-do’ are moving though. I’m given myself this year to try out a whole bunch of different things and see which show fits. It’s definitely going to be within the realm of art/fashion/design.

What’s your life story so far?
I think the underlying theme of my life would be that I’m a little bit from everywhere and not really from anywhere. My parents belong to different parts of the country, came from very different worlds I spent most of my childhood in the wonderful play land of boarding school and have, in my adult life, inadvertently moved every couple of years. So I’ve been influenced by many worlds and I feel very blessed for it. I’m a Cancerian so moving with the ebbs and tides comes somewhat intuitively to me. Or at least I hope so!


How did travel change you?
I think it gave me a lot of perspective and gave my dreams beautiful, rich layers. My parents always made sure we went to interesting, beautiful parts of the India and the world when my sisters and I were growing up. Traveling was something that was an important part of my growing up and I’m very grateful for it.

Mountains or Sea?
The sea, without question. I’m a moon/water child.

What do you truly stand for?
I’m militantly committed to the values of tolerance and openness. We need to stay optimistic and fight the good fight even if it feels like it’s a world of bleakness and despair. Love fiercely and with all you got.


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