Raul Ojamaa // Tartu, Estonia

Raul Utmaja in Tartu Estonia. Photographed by Mukul Bhatia for Nomadic Origins.

Raul in Tartu by Mukul Bhatia for Nomadic Origins

“I love the vibe of my small town Tartu where I grew but as a musician, I think there isn’t much to do. I felt really stuck in Estonia, since there is too little competition and one gets too comfortable, everybody knows everybody so its like a majestic family of kinfolks every time you walk out of home.”

Life changed dramatically when I moved to Berlin for 8 months to study Electronic Music Production, it was like another world! It was freeing to be in a multicultural place with people from all parts of the world, and where your identity is in this massive cosmos of creativity, another kind of freedom. Because there are so many opportunities, so many things to do and so many people, that one can never get bored. This sense of magnificent city, gives you an appreciation for being alone. You make time and space to be alone enough to focus on things that make you happy, and grow, and that’s what I learnt while I lived in Berlin.

Inspired by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Raul wanted to explore all new things that weren’t possible in Tartu, and the sense of anonymity was liberating.

“Travelling gives this feeling of freshness. When I did a gig last week in Milan, this one day in a new space gave me a whole new perspective and of ideas, and people. I thus want to travel more, to get wider perspectives and horizons. One can explore various alternatives of life and tailor their individuality for their own happiness identity instead of simply fitting in with people, simply because you grew up with them.

Dream travel:
Los Angeles, for its history and culture with music, and I think it’d provide me a wider perspective to the kind of work I do.

Biggest fear:
“To not learn anymore, and be stuck in a space in situation. That’s exactly why travel is the most constructive answer to widen my imagination. My brain needs constant stimulation and pushes, there is so little time and so many things that are interesting, if I don’t create something massive for a week, I feel really anxious.”

Most important thing in life:
To keep learning, and growing. If you stop growing, you’re basically dead.


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