Shilo Shiv Suleman // Bangalore


Shilo Shiv Suleman photographed in Bangalore by Photographer Mukul Bhatia, Nomadic Origins.
Shilo Shiv Suleman photographed in her studio by Photographer Mukul Bhatia, Nomadic Origins.


27-year-old Shilo is Indian artist and TED fellow who primarily use public spaces to create collaborative artworks in various spaces across the world. While travelling to Delhi in 2012, Shilo witnessed and participated in the massive protests that occurred after the unfortunate Delhi Gang Rape incident. While the media projected India to be an unsafe environment for women, Shilo refused to accept the fear that came along being an Indian woman, and after months of travelling in the MahaKumbh and Varanasi with the Naga community, she grew more aware of the highly patriarchal space around her. Absorbing, while being aware of the space, Shilo drew her first wall of strength in Varanasi, allowing strangers to join her in making a wall that boasted ‘Fearless’ and thus ‘Fearless Collective’ was born.

The fearless Collective grew as Shilo empowered the young and old, to hold onto trust over fear, and with the collective, Shilo travelled to numerous cities and music festivals around the world, to interact with diverse communities with her art and talks, to grow the message. Her most recent works include installations for Burning Man Festival, and walls in various cities of Pakistan, Indonesia, Africa, Brazil, and USA. In Rawalpindi, she involved the Hijra (Eunuch) community in to produce one of the Fearless walls, thus creating the first public installation in the world to be painted primarily by Transgenders, and was one of a kind in Pakistan.

Raised by a single mother, Shilo has travelled to Europe, South America, and South East Asia. Her next chapter with the Fearless Collective is called ‘Belonging’ and will create walls in Lebanon, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Shilo’s idea of home is anywhere with abundance of love, and her favourite food is Sushi.


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