Smita Singh // New Delhi

Mukul: So Smita, How would you define your life so far?
Smita: Just evolving, that’s what I am constantly doing. Everything that I am engaging from work, to my own self. I am really open to change and to evolve and that is that one thing I can say is constant about me, that I will surely move to another place not moving physically but carrying all the experiences of the last place along, into a new life or zone that I carve, that’s kind of how I do things.
Mukul: What is your idea of home?
Smita: It’s the most special place for me. It’s my safe space, open for everyone but an absolute expression of who I am. That’s the one place where I don’t have any inhibition, I don’t have any worry about, what anyone thinks and doesn’t. I really express myself completely in my house in the way it looks, in the way it functions, in the way I function when I am in it.

Mukul: So you have hands around in different places- you own a music festival, you have a restaurant as well, and you have been a stylist as we talked last time in Delhi. How does creativity flow for you? In different facets of businesses and ventures?
Smita: For me it is more about the moments rather than things, its about small endeavors that I give my energy in. I look at my life in a very very micro way. I am always engrossed within one particular thing – so if something comes up in a conversation and it tickles my imagination, I will just do it. I mean it could be a conversation about making a music festival, which is really how Magnetic Fields came about, and I will do everything to make it happen. I will bring people along to do that. All my creative processes are really not my creative processes alone, I have always worked in partnerships and teams whether it was a fashion label or it was the restaurants or the festival or it my DJ project. It is always with another person.

Mukul: What’s your idea of collaboration? How does it work?
Smita: It goes back to the idea of evolving and moving. I want to take things to next point, next place, and I guess a lot of times we tend to get stuck and think that is as far as things can go, or the dream is too big or might not know how is it gonna happen and just then, I facilitate, I come in and facilitate wherever it has to go. I have a very clear vision. So it may come all of a sudden but I take it very seriously, if I have seen it in my head I am going to make it happen. I am more of a facilitator or a believer you know, if I am speaking to people who I have believe can do incredible things I will assist, facilitate and we will do some amazing things together, that’s kind of how I see it. Everything I have done in life is like that.

Mukul: How did the idea of Magnetic Fields came about?
Smita: Yeah, so Wild City and I had a chat. This is about the time when I used to run TLR. Sarah and Munbir moved to Delhi and we met because I used to run a music venue and we used to hang out, and we were close friends and then they suggested to do a music festival, and I was like I have never been to a music festival! But they kind of had this intricate dream of creating this curated space, and they explained it to me in detail, and it sounded fucking amazing. I had to do this, it was that vision in my head that the festival is going to be a place where you can do whatever you want and about creating experiences for people. I love creating experiences, whether it is interiors or wearing clothes or food or music. This festival thing was an amalgamation of all. We were one year down since we had the conversation first, we didn’t have a festival, we didn’t have a venue or anything tangible, and then Jahanvi, who is a friend of since years, knows Abhimanyu, so she was like – ‘hey, I am thinking of taking a weekend out, and am going to this beautiful palace, would you like to come with me?‘  I was like sure man, I will come to this palace for the weekend and we drove up, that’s when I met Abhimanyu for the first time and then we were having a poolside Sunday morning conversation. He was like – you are in fashion, you want to do some fashion shows or something?  I was like, dude who would come to Alsisar to a fashion show? And then the idea with Wild City came up, and I suggested a music festival.

Mukul: Did you suggest that?
Smita: yeah, because it was in my head, we had been talking about it for a year already and then he was like, ‘okay lets do it!’ And that’s it. It was end of March of 2013, we had the festival in December. So we managed to make it happen.

Mukul: How did you become the person that you are today? What was the process like?
Smita: It was a very long process of coming back to myself, and I have kids so that is something I am conscious of. We tend to give a lot into educating, developing and taking care of, you are actually just conditioning them to become something or someone. It is like layer upon layer of conditioning, you will find that they have come away so far by themselves, that they don’t even know. I think I had a very similar upbringing as a child in India it happens a lot. It was pretty usual, I was just a regular kid, but I always had this idea that I am great, that there is this sense of purpose to who I am, and it is something spectacular, that is really something I held onto. I think that was the idea of who I truly am today – not Smita Singh, whoever it is in terms of conditioning. I am this person and I kept pushing myself, bit by bit to evolve into that idea of spectacular self. You can figure it out in this one lifetime. My life is magic, every single day, and it’s so awesome.

Mukul: What’s your favourite city in the world?
Smita: Not much of a fan of cities, but, I love Delhi. My home. I love all the little things hidden away even after everything that happened, its all still there, hidden away somewhere. I also love Budapest. I think its a beautiful city, feel so small city and so grand and people are amazing.

Mukul: What’s your favourite dance song?
Smita: Dance song? Oh there are so many. Very hard. I think old school hip-hop that really gets me going. It can be Snoop Dog, that’s kind of when I loose, because then you are just transported back in time, you know when you are like 16.

Mukul: What’s that one idea you truly stand for in your endeavors?
Smita: I guess it is pretty clear, in everything I do. The one objective is to slowly lift the curtains and show the people what truth is. I think that is what we owe to ourselves.


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