Veronika Kobesova // Prague


Travelling was an accident for Veronika a.k.a. Malati Devi, as she dislikes the uneasiness of fluctuating residences, and constantly keeping up with the necessary adversity involved in a new land. As a child however, Malati’s peculiar wish was to dress in ‘the most beautiful costume in the world’ and she made constant efforts to find it while growing.

It was when she came to India, she discovered The Sari, and her childhood dream was realized. For Malati, discovering Sari, and to be able to wear it around Indian landscapes and truly interact with a world totally different from her European life, was like living in a movie – something she did not want to give away with her return.

This dream further changed the course of her life. Her favourite travel to India and her love affair with Sari inspired her to wear sari for the rest of her life. She thus quit her job, to launch a boutique in Prague that only stocks and sells Indian costumes and fabrics, giving her the opportunity to keep travelling back to India numerous times every year, and also indulge in absorbing Indian culture, its architecture, cinema, music and language; finding the best balance of both worlds.

For Malati, India not just changed her, but reassured her of her differences. She states, it took her out of her ‘western cage’ as she was able to really appreciate her differences from contemporary Czech society, and stand out proud for who she is and what she stands for.

She is in love with Bollywood, her favourite movie is Devdas, and would like to steal the wardrobe of actress Kirron Kher.

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