Will Mumford // Jaipur



Mukul Bhatia: Hey there! Tell me about you?
Will Mumford: My name is Will Mumford. I’m from the US, from Wisconsin, the state above Chicago.

Mukul: And what’s your story so far?
Will: Oh my gosh, that’s a question. Like when I was really young, I knew that I have to live in India and I came here when I was 20, and it’s been 6 years now that I am really exploring all the possibilities of my life in India and I really love every minute of it, that’s my life.

Mukul: What do you do?
Will: I take care of a bar in Jaipur- it is called Bar Palladio, I plan events and I do the management of that bar. We have one bar and one café.

Mukul: What do you believe in?
Will: I believe in humor and beauty, and the free flowing expression of life.

Mukul: Do you consider yourself a nomad?
Will: No, I do not. I mean I could, but I don’t consider myself as one.

Mukul: How important do you think is travel?
Will: I was just thinking about this. Ahh, I think travel is very important but what’s more important is to take time and live, get bored in single place. Travel is very important visually, to see, and experience – but to actually feel like home or not to feel like home in a new place  is most important –  to travel for really long periods of time and with enough time to actually realise that, “Fuck I am so bored and I really don’t know what to do and trapped where I am, not just boom boom boom snap ‘I have been to 7 countries’ and I checked my list”. The kind of feeling when it is difficult to leave a place you’re travelling or living, is more important. Making a new home while you’re travelling is important, a real home, with real feelings and attachments of home, which is moving and is yet still.

Mukul: Wow! Beautiful! What is beauty for you?
Will: Oh my gosh, beauty is beauty. It’s present all the time, it can present in anything. Beauty is truly not ironic, it is not artifacts, its not vanity, it’s actually just a feeling. When you see something beautiful – you know it actually is beautiful, coz behind its so much skill or so much thought or something so perfectly appointed. There are so many parameters of beauty, but those parameters are super subjective. So, beauty is something that you interact with and it gives a feeling of excitement and joy, it doesn’t put you down but it like makes you feel good about yourself.

Mukul: Do you believe in magic?
Will: OH, I used to I guess. Hmm, no not really anymore. But I really like the poetry of the word magic.

Mukul: What’s your favourite song?
Will: I will truly say my favourite song is by Susheela Raman called ‘Mamavatu’. It’s a happy song, it is a sad song. It is the song you can always return to. It’s the best song.

Mukul: Why dance?
Will: Not to be forced to dance, but to dance just spontaneously and let yourself go totally free and not to do anything at all to connect with people through dancing or make people smile, not the bullshit like ‘we have a connection’, but instead this kind of exchange that is without any judgment. It is a very positive experience.


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